Score At Hand
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About Us

Score At Hand was developed in Hawaii by Christine Watanabe. Christine has a deep passion for tennis and struggled to keep score as she knew to be most competitive she needed to stay in the moment. After a long rally she would struggle to remember past points and kept a pad and pencil for game scores on the crossover. Christine thought about the area on the racket and how maybe it was possible to have a score keeper there.

With the help of a plastics engineer, she developed Score At Hand for those that love the game of tennis and are dedicated to being “in the point” rather than focused on the score. Christine is excited to share this wonderful tool with others. So far we have customers in the U.K., Japan, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. She is always looking to partner with tennis distributors and others to share Score At Hand.

Anyone can use Score At Hand, and it is especially helpful for Junior and Senior players.  Now with the the touch of a finger, you can adjust Score At Hand to the correct score and get back to the game.  The top portion is used for the game score, and the bottom for the set score and for tiebreaks.