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Score At Hand has found it’s non-profit partner! Kokua Valley Junior Tennis will now get $1.00 from every retail sale and .50 from every wholesale sale towards their Junior tennis program! See the store here:

Here’s a video featuring the Kalihi program:
Thanks Bob for letting us know about using Score At Hand Tennis Racket Scorekeeper as an umpire!
Dear Christine,
Subject Contact request
Message Christine – one more thought. You may also want to advertise the product as an aid to chair umpires. I was the Chair Umpire at a Pro Exhibition match at our club in Florida last month and used your product to keep score during the match. I had to say the score after each point and never made a mistake thanks to your scorekeeper. New message from Bob Mazzola
Thanks Careerchangers for the interview at the Maker Faire! See the video here
Thanks American Express Open Forum for the article on our owner, Christine Watanabe: AMEX OPEN FORUM
UPDATE! Although Score At Hand tennis racket scorekeeper did not make it to the finals, we continue to seek partners to carry Score At Hand to the next level.

Thanks Walmart, for including us in the 2013 Get On the Shelf Contest! Here’s the video from Hawaii News Now.

Congratulations, your tennis racket scorekeeper, “Score At Hand,” has made it past the first stage of
Get On The Shelf!
New Tennis Racket Scorekeeper Available – Just in Time for Summer

Looking for a great new item for summer?  If you play tennis, this nifty gadget is for you.

Keeping score in tennis can be a challenge.  Have you ever had long rallies, hard-fought points, or a close game where you lost track of the score?  Now you can keep accurate score with flick of your finger with the new “Score At Hand” tennis racket scorekeeper. 

When tennis players focus on the moment as they play the game, they  certainly do not want to ask the opponent for the score. With Score At Hand, you move the bright pegs on the neck of the racquet after every point, and will always know the correct score. Now tennis payers can hit the ball and not worry about the score because they will know the score at the end of every rally.

 Score At Hand is effective for all tennis players including beginners and junior players. With easy-to-read numbers showing the score, it teaches how the tennis scoring system works. New players can concentrate on improving their game instead of focusing on the score.

 Senior players can also benefit from Score At Hand.  More seniors are taking up tennis as a popular health and social activity.  Eliminate score keeping problems with Score At Hand so you can drink, talk and rehash the fun of the match without worry.

 Score At Hand is the answer for easy score keeping in tennis for all ages and levels. It easily attaches to the neck of any tennis racquet and will withstand the pounding of constant shots. You can order your Score At Hand through or


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